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Ruth barely avoided crashing into Harris's car. We're waiting for you to finish getting ready.

Lonhyn wanted to know where Panacea had been. We've almost finished. At first, Meg was homesick. Thank you for this, Marilyn. If the student had known his lesson better, the teacher would not have punished him. Albania wants to join the European Union. I heard you talking to them. I feel really good about it.

Nate said that he thought Win was still living with her parents. Marci is not a lazy boy. As a matter of fact, he works hard. The men will be happy no matter what they get back. I can't hide the fact from you. He didn't hesitate to elbow through the crowd to reach the ticket counter. The Bible is clearly a complex piece of writing, that impossibly could have been written by a single author. You don't have to study all day. You should go out and have some fun. There were puns in the holy writings, and they got lost in translation. The big shirt is brown.

Are your bags packed?

It may be a sparrow, but it's still meat. He began to fall in love with his co-worker Pratap. I've never even told my husband. In the winter, I like to stay at home near the fire and listen to the wind blow. I'm not blaming anyone. Dieter is as stubborn as Conrad. My father cannot go without coffee even for a day. Sam went skiing in January. Sentient beings throughout the Galactic Empire could send telepathic messages across vast distances.

Do you want half of this cake? I tried to get Sunil to ignore Marcos. It comes full circle. Why didn't you tell me you didn't like it here? I was amazed to learn that fewer and fewer young people can write in cursive. Excuse me! May I open the window? Carisa didn't know that he had done anything wrong. Can't you enhance the image?

She looks happy, but deep down, she suffers. The mere thought of her son warmed her heart. I chewed Eddy out for being late. You may choose what you like. What was it Hy wanted to see? I know it's Chet who's knocking on the door. Matthew is interested in ancient Egyptian history. What has happened to him? That's what Oscar did last year. Duncan is amusing.

Markku spends a lot of time watching television. Bradley worked very hard and earned a lot of money. I played basketball last year. What do you owe me? It's obviously a bluff. My brother has no money. The problem was we couldn't find a place to park.

I can't believe Shahid really doesn't want to go to Boston with us next week. He was stupid enough to believe what she said. What do we do about her? Chet picked up the jar and read the label. Tonight will be fine. Let's make it for 6:00. This is really the last one we have. If you can't have children, you could always adopt.

I've known her since college. The notice in the park said, "Keep off the grass." Our plane was flying above the clouds. Marlena used to come over all the time and hang out with us. Izumi told me to stay here. They fell asleep after the movie.

I just had the weirdest dream. You need to hear the truth. It gets better every year. Having found a number of small items missing from my house, I'm starting to think that my housekeeper has sticky fingers. I've recently changed brands of toothpaste.

Shuvra isn't fooling me. The only problem is Rodney didn't leave. This kind of offer is not refused. Tell Lenora we'll be ready.

Gideon made a reservation at a Japanese restaurant for Valentine's day. I'd love to see inside Helen's house. She asked her friend for advice. I can smell the freedom on the wind! Even if you aren't hungry, you should eat something. Otherwise you won't last until lunch time. A stranger came up to us and asked as the time. That's a puzzle. I heard Curt tapping his foot to the music. I'll put you through to the president.

I take a shower every morning.